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  • Siobhan Coleman, LMP "The Stretcher"

Stretch Trip to Scottsdale, AZ

Melissa and I just finished up a really great continuing education training in Scottsdale, AZ with Ann & Chris Fredrick of Stretch to Win Institute! We learned deeper Fascial Stretch Therapy™ techniques on improving hip and shoulder mobility and much, much more. There are a couple before and afters in the pictures below. The week was especially rewarding for me, not only did I get my splits back, I was also able to do the full lotus (cross legged yoga pose) for the first time in way too long!

Ann & Chris Fredrick of Stretch to Win are always a pleasure to study with. They are a wealth of knowledge. The course content is they present is fantastic and they keep the environment fun while remaining structured and organized. They both present with clear directions making it easy to learn the material. It's never a boring moment in one of their seminars.

My favorite thing about these seminars is that we get to feel the work in our own bodies, which means we get hands on bodywork from highly qualified wellness professionals ALL WEEK LONG!!! When home, we spend our days working on all you guys but must not forget that stretchers need to get stretched too!

By the end of the week our bodies were feeling amazing and had made some really wonderful new friends from all over the world including Nova Scotia, Quebec, New Zealand and other distant lands. We are so proud to be a part of this worldwide network of Fascial Stretch Therapy™ professionals and even happier to be able to pass on these mobility and flexibility gifts to our clients back home!


Our classmate Anna's amazing testimonial of what she experienced during our training course. Anna has suffered from chronic pain for much of her life.

Do you have a flexibility question for me? Select questions will be considered as topics in future blog posts.

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