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See how Athletic Stretch Therapy has helped so many people like you!

"I came to Siobhan with a lot of upper back pain and tightness in my forearms from my desk job.  She suggested I try the Athletic Stretch Therapy Express Session so I could see and feel the results for myself.  The outcome was amazing! 

I had always had bad posture and my shoulders were constantly hunched forward.  I also carried all my stress in my shoulders and upper back, which were always tight.  Immediately after my first stretch I could feel a difference.  

My chest opened up and my shoulders relaxed and fell into a more natural position.  My body felt euphoric and very relaxed.  My family and friends noticed the changes right away.  I’m now a strong advocate for Athletic Stretch Therapy and think everyone should try it at least once.  Thank you! "

- Kimi


​As an NFL player, I need to be in top physical shape to compete. I spend my offseason's training in Seattle with a trainer that demands my best everyday. He pushes me to the limits mentally and physically. In order to be there training everyday at such a high level, I have to take care of my body.

Athletic Stretch Therapy serves as the Dr. Jekyll to my trainers Mr. Hyde. Siobhan takes her time and really listens to my body to make sure I'm getting the proper care that I need. I walk in like damaged goods, and walk out feeling like a new man. The stretching allows my muscles the opportunity to properly recover and rejuvenate.

I recommend Athletic Stretch Therapy to anyone who is serious about improving their overall health.



“After a few sessions with Siobhan, I feel transformed.  Movements are much more fluid.  I have a range of motion I have not seen in more than a decade.  

A fantastic program for anyone looking for a quick jumpstart to increased flexibility and energy as well as a strong maintenance phase once you meet your initial goals.  On top of that, Siobhan is a terrific coach who will help you take important parts of this process home.”


"I've been working with Siobhan for over 18 months now. When I first started seeing her, I literally couldn't lift my arms over my head. My doctor said to figure out how to get my range of motion back through stretching and exercise or face really horrible surgery.

Siobhan worked on my shoulders and upper back until I could once again raise my arms, reach for items on the top shelf and move like a normal person. No surgery required! With a recent knee injury, she once again worked her magic and I'm pain free.

I'm a writer. I spend all day hunched over my keyboard. Siobhan understands my body and where I carry my tension. She's amazing. My stretching sessions are essential to my physical well being and my creative work."

-Susan Mallery

New York Times Bestselling Author


Siobhan is a life saver!  She helped me prepare for the most physically grueling week of my life—eight

hours a day of hand-to-hand combat training…..for seven straight days! 

Not only was my body more flexible and loose, I was able to avoid injury and recover quickly from each day’s training.  I couldn’t have succeeded in this effort without Siobhan’s expert help! 

I recommend her to anyone and everyone, whatever your goals and fitness level!


Krav Maga Instructor, Bellevue,


"I am an active 62 year old.  In an average week I bike, swim, spin, do pilates and play golf.  Core strength and flexibility are my ongoing goals to stay competitive and uninjured. 

I have received an Athletic Stretch Session from Siobhan once a week for over three years now. 

She really helps keep me moving! "


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