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What Cupping Therapy Can Do For You

The ancient Chinese Medicine practice of Cupping dates over the past 3,000 years. Cupping techniques have helped treat a range of disorders and symptoms. Cupping has shown to provide added benefits when combined with other alternative treatments such as Myofacial Release and Trigger Point Therapy. An example of this, is when Cupping Therapy is applied to tight rotator cuff muscles, Myofascial Release is accomplished, stretching the thickened fascia away from the underlying structures, allowing for greater shoulder movement. This helps our clients increase their range of motion during strength and flexibility exercises.

"While there’s a ton of anecdotal evidence that cupping can be effective and safe, to date very few clinical studies using humans have been conducted, making it hard to “prove” many of the time-honored benefits of cupping therapy. That being said, it’s worked for millions of people over many years, so here are five ways that cupping might be able to help you:"

1. Helps Reduce Pain (joint & muscle pain, low back pain & tension headaches, migraines or toothaches.)

2. Promotes Relaxation (helps lower anxiety & depression.)

3. Boosts Skin Health (helps reduce cellulite, acne and skin inflammation.)

4. Helps treat respiratory issues and colds (helps improve immune function by moving blood and lymphatic fluid throughout the body.)

5. Improves Digestion ( reduces symptoms from disorders like IBS, frequent stomach pains, diarrhea, acute gastritis, loss of appetite, gastrointestinal diseases and water retention.)

*We can do it upon request in a massage session, at no additional cost.

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