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Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST) is a dynamic facilitated stretching technique that targets the NeuroMyoFascial communication of the body for optimal improvements in mobility, flexibility, and functional movement. FST reduces adhesions throughout the fascial nets and re-educates your body back to proper movement.

Clients report feeling relaxed, lighter with improved flexibility / mobility after as little as one session.

Stretch Therapy
(Frederick/Fascial Stretch Therapy)™

Cupping Therapy

Myofascial Decompression is a form of cup therapy with added movement to gain to optimum change in the body on a fascial, muscular and neurological level.

Myofascial Decompression
(a method of cup therapy)

I do not bill health insurance for stretch or massage. I do accept Cash, Card, Check, HSA, FSA & PIP.

Outcall Services

Suburb Houses

"Fascial Stretch Therapy has been a game changer to my training.  I credit a good portion of my marathon PR to getting stretched regularly. It's the best recovery. I leave with a spring in my step!"

Megan G, Marathon Runner & Coach 

More Success Stories

Foot Massage

What Makes Me Unique?

  • Certified by the leading, most comprehensive Stretch Therapy training program in the world.

  • Maintain a current WA State Massage Therapy License.

  • Small independent locally owned business since 2010. 

  • Techniques are based off of the latest science in soft tissue, fascia and the nervous system.

  • Sessions are one-on-one and take place in a quiet, private room when booking in Bellevue. If booking for Seattle location, please note it is located within a gym.


The experience, quality of service and results you will receive truly does not compare to other mobility/flexibility services available on the market today. 


Founders of Fascial Stretch Therapy Speak on the  Science Behind FST

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